Fire Cupping is an ancient form of therapy dating back thousands of years. This method is performed by using fire to create suction inside glass cups that are subsequently placed on the patient's body. This causes the skin and myofascial tissue to rise within the cup, promoting an inflow of fresh, nutrient-rich blood along with oxygen into the area of application. The enhanced blood circulation aids in muscle tension release and stimulates cellular repair. The glass cups may be used statically in once place or dynamically moved across the target area.

During the initial session, the therapist will conduct a brief assessment to identify your targeted needs and afterwards follow through with a treatment encompassing fire cupping, needling and massage techniques. Treatments are tailored to your personal comfort and objectives. The concept of fire cupping may initially seem intimidating, but rest assured, it isn't as painful as it appears. In fact, many find the procedure to be a rather relaxing experience!

This service is performed by a Registered Acupuncturist.

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