Yoga therapy are 1-on-1 sessions that help in the treatment of any health concern ranging from physical, physiological to psychological. The therapist uses Yoga tools such as Yoga poses, meditation, breath work as well as lifestyle & diet recommendations in accordance with Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga. This type of therapy follows the lineage of the great Krishnamacharya who is often called the “father of modern yoga” as he influenced most of the styles available to us now in the West.

There is a total of 4 sessions in the Yoga therapy program; an initial assessment (75-90min) and 3 subsequent sessions (60min). Student’s receive a personalized home practice after the first session and are expected to practice the 20-minute sequence on a daily basis throughout the 5-week program. Subsequent sessions are used to revise and adjust the sequence based on student feedback. The goal of the program is to aid in the improvement of health and create autonomy in the journey to full health.

***Please only sign up if you can commit to all 4 sessions for the 5 week period.***

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