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We currently have 1 physiotherapist, 1 chiropractor, 4 massage therapists and 1 acupuncturist. In the Spring another acupuncturist will be joining our team.


(Psst... City Wellness is looking to add a few more therapists to the team so if you are a practitioner or know a practitioner that would like to work with the best patients in town, give us a shout!)

Alpana Das

Registered Social Worker

Virtual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Registered Social Worker (MSW)

Hi, my name is Alpana Das. I feel comfortable tackling hectic challenges that include (but are not limited to), unexpected trauma, victimization cycles and unexpected transitions through life’s stages. I incorporate an eclectic range of modalities, including (but not limited to), Trauma sensitive CBT, DBT, mindfulness, EFT, Somatic Experiencing , EMDR, insight-oriented therapy and a vision of wholeness through a Gestalt oriented framework. In my perspective, the therapeutic relationship is built on co-collaboration and client empowerment. I believe that the effectiveness of therapy is a result of the expert knowledge of the client. A therapy session often looks like a friendly chat with a guaranteed no nonsense good friend who walks with you during your path to your higher levels of authenticity and truth. My style is supportive and interactive, with the goal of empowering you to create change in your life.

I am someone who has worked in the industry for 14 years, and have been called experienced, kind and passionate about what I studied and have happily helped countless individuals, couples and families achieve their therapeutic goals. I look forward to seeing you in the future so we can stand together.

I have a Masters of Social Work from Mcgill University, specialized in Childhood Trauma, Mental Health and Adult Revictimization Cycles and worked as a specialist in Athletic Therapy after obtaining a Exercise Science degree from Concordia University. During the past decade, I practiced as a senior marriage counsellor and provided marriage courses to countless engaged couples and also served as the lead divorce expert with Catholic Family Services of Toronto. I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) for a span of over 10 years, and was registered in Quebec with Service des admissions Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec prior to my move to Ontario.

I am a current member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) and for over 7 years, I specialized in marriage counselling, separation and divorce counselling, and counselling unexpected traumatic experiences. I have attended numerous evidence-based training sessions to stay current and informative for you and the clients I serve, which includes specific training in trauma cycles, relationship and marriage crisis, abuse cycles and moving through separation and divorce and loss. I welcome a 15 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit. Currently I do have a waiting list and will look into scheduling you within my next available time slot.

Alysha Saks


Acupuncture (Clinical), Acupuncture (Cosmetic), Acupuncture (Prenatal)

Alysha is a registered Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (R.Ac) who graduated from The Academy of Integrative Medicine. Alysha has a bachelors degree in East Asian religion, and her passion lies within the realm of east asian philosophy, which is what brought her to Chinese medicine. She believes that Taoist and Buddhist concepts, such as mind-body connection and conscious awareness, are what the western world needs. Alysha takes a holistic approach, assessing the body as a whole, looking into what is causing the symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms that are visible. Pain management and injuries (both acute and chronic) hormonal imbalance, immunity, digestive complaints, emotional and mental imbalance, and nervous system regulation are just a few of her focuses. She will hold space for you, will guide you, and will restore balance and harmony to your internal landscape. Most importantly, she will help you understand your own body, and teach you how to listen to the subtle yet important messages that it gives you

Amanda Bélanger

Registered Massage Therapist & Physiotherapist

*NEW* Fascia Stretch Therapy™ [RMT], Massage (COUPLES Thai), Massage (Cupping), Massage (Prenatal), Massage (Swedish), Massage (Thai), Physiotherapy

Registered Physiotherapist (PT) & Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Amanda received her Bachelors of Science in Human Kinetics (2012) and Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (2015) from the University of Ottawa. A few years later, she returned to school and completed her Massage Therapy diploma at the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy (2019).

Since starting her journey as a healthcare provider, Amanda has taking additional courses to enhance her skillset including: Sports Taping (2015), Neurofunctional Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (McMaster University; 2016), Pelvic Floor Therapy (2016), Thai Massage (2017), Hot Stone Massage (2018), Hand & Foot Reflexology (2019), Pregnancy Massage (2019).

Amanda’s treatment style is very hands on. She loves her work and gives it her best with each and every treatment.

She speaks English and French fluently. If she were to have spare time in the city, she would be playing hockey on the outdoor rink, biking on lakeshore and definitely salsa dancing!

À Bientôt :)

Andre DeCairos

Thai Massage Level I Course, Thai Massage Level II Course

Registered Massage Therapist & Thai Massage Instructor

Andre got into massage therapy after playing soccer internationally as a teenager and having to seek treatment for a variety of injuries. After high school, his mother suggested getting into the medical field. Massage Therapy was the perfect start. Andre began his journey by enrolling at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH).

As a successful graduate and RMT, he continued to pursue education in the field and attended a one-week course in Shiatsu. Andre began to understand how it differed dramatically from what he had just learned. This led him to explore other Eastern practices, including several overseas trips to Thailand where he learned directly from Thai Masters. Here in Canada, Andre continues physical education, studying Tai Chi and meditation with a Shaolin Monk. While he’s learnt and experienced so much, Andre’s pursuits continue to this day and see’s learning as a life long journey.

Anthony Basco

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage (Cupping), Massage (Prenatal), Massage (Swedish)

Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T)

After graduating from the Health and Promotion program at Humber College, Anthony began his career as a personal trainer and immediately knew he wanted to work alongside others to guide them to the best version of themselves. Anthony pursued Registered Massage Therapy to be able to help individuals to understand the importance of healthy movement practices and feel better in their everyday lives. Acknowledging that pain is a reality that many of us deal with, Anthony believes that developing a set of practices for rest and recovery are paramount, and that having a self-care routine is the driving force to pain-free progress.

Anthony strives to use his knowledge to provide well-rounded care for his patients. He loves working with the athletic population but also has experience with seniors, pre and post natal, as well as those managing headaches and concussions. Anthony has developed an array of techniques, which include deep tissue work, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilizations, stretching, myofascial and Swedish massage techniques. Above all, Anthony creates a treatment plan tailored to the client’s unique concerns and needs.

When Anthony is not in the clinic, he enjoys exercising, walking his 2 dogs, playing Spikeball at Trinity Bellwoods park and hunting for the city’s best chicken wings.

Anton Borda

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage (COUPLES Thai), Massage (Prenatal), Massage (Swedish), Massage (Thai)

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Anton completed his Massage Therapy diploma at the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy (2012) and has been a Registered Massage therapist ever since.

He’s taken courses in Thai massage, prenatal massage and Craniosacral therapy. Currently, he’s taking an online course through Anatomy in Motion to further develop his understanding of the moving body.

Anton’s approach to treatment is movement focused. He has practiced traditional Thai massage for the majority of his career, and spent a few months in Chiang Mai to receive advanced training. This has given him a deep understanding and appreciation for movement, and the important role it plays when it comes to optimal health. Anton enjoys guiding patients towards their goals, and encourages his patients to become curious about their own body and their relationship with it.

Outside of clinical practice, Anton’s hobbies include Olympic weightlifting, bouldering, oil painting, and spending time outside hiking and portaging.

Dr. Caner Nar


Chiropractic Care

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C)

Raised in Toronto Ontario, Dr. Nar excelled in academics and numerous sports receiving reputable awards including leadership, athlete of the year and placing a spot on the top ranked team in youth Ontario soccer. Dr. Nar began his education at York University and obtained a degree in kinesiology while working as a reputable personal and disability trainer. He then completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. Since then, he has committed himself to numerous certifications in order to provide optimal care for his patients.

Dr. Nar integrates evidence-informed care and advanced chiropractic techniques in order to help patients feel better, move better and live better. He has an exceptional understanding of human biomechanics, physiology and anatomy through his extensive educational background. He utilizes joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, therapeutic cupping, therapeutic taping, shockwave therapy, exercise and patient education as his primary care methods. Dr. Nar recognizes the unique day to day demands of life put on each patient and is able to deliver care based on those needs.

In his down time, you can catch Caner outdoors enjoying a long hike with his dog, playing soccer with friends or spending the day on the water with his family. He also enjoys daily strength training, running, reading and cooking

Dr. Rebecca Anderson


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Dr. Rebecca Anderson, ND is an evidence-based Naturopathic Doctor who takes a systems-based, functional medicine approach to health and disease. She has a special interest in health optimization and the prevention of chronic disease and is passionate about educating and empowering patients to take control of their own health.

She completed her Doctor of Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Life Science and Chemistry at the University of British Columbia. She is currently pursuing her Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Eun Kyoung (Ivy) Chai

Acupuncture (Clinical), Acupuncture (Cosmetic), Acupuncture (Prenatal)

Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac)

I am a Registered Acupuncturist graduating from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine (AIM) Academy, where I have honed my skills and expertise in holistic healthcare practices. My commitment to being a valuable member of the healthcare community stems from a deep-seated desire to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

With a wealth of clinical experience, I have successfully treated a diverse range of conditions including acute and chronic pain, stiffness, sleep disturbances, emotional distress, and digestive ailments, among others. My therapeutic modalities encompass a variety of techniques such as tuina massage, cupping, moxibustion, GuaSha (scraping), acupuncture, and facial acupuncture.

I firmly believe in the profound connection between relaxation and expedited recovery. By employing a blend of thorough assessments and evidence-based research, I ensure to tailor my treatments to the unique needs of each patient, delivering comprehensive and effective care.

My passion for healing is unwavering, and I am committed to continually expanding my skill set through ongoing education. I am eager to apply both my existing expertise and any new techniques I acquire to facilitate the healing journey of my patients with diligence and compassion.

Gabriel Dos Santos




Gabriel Dos Santos is a dedicated and skilled physiotherapist hailing from Brazil. Graduating from Universidade Potiguar in 2006, he has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. With a passion for helping others and a commitment to promoting health and wellness, Gabriel is known for his compassionate approach and innovative treatment methods

Giuliano Martins

*NEW* Osteopathy

Osteopath Manual Practitioner

Giuliano received his degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sao Paulo (2002) and later on returned to school to complete his Osteopathic degree (2011). Currently in Canada he is a registered Manual Osteopath. He specializes in orthopedics and sport injuries. Giuliano’s treatments include: McKenzie techniques, Mulligan concepts, Myofascial release, Graston techniques and advanced Functional Training. Giuliano will treat the cause of pain, not only the location.

Recently relocated from Brazil, Giuliano speaks English and Portuguese. Outside of work, he does CrossFit training, plays football, the guitar, reads and loves to travel with the family.

*Please note that treatments by Giuliano are covered by lifestyle spending accounts (LSA) and the following insurance providers: IA Financial Group, Equitable Life, Sunlife, Manulife, Empire Life, Greenshield, Nextgen, Desjardins, Benecaid, Manion, Johnston Group, Chamber of commerce, Blue Cross, CINUP, The cooperators, Wilkins & Associates ltd.

Jennifer Sadler


Acupuncture (Clinical), Acupuncture (Cosmetic), Acupuncture (Prenatal)

Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac)

Jennifer is a Registered Acupuncturist who has a background in Holistic Nutrition, as well as experience in Clinical Nutrition. She has carried a life-long interest in Naturopathic Medicine and natural health and beauty which has guided her journey to study and practice Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine.

Jennifer completed an internship in Nanjing, China where she worked with patients in the departments of pain management, tuina, sleep disorders, mental health and neurological disorders. Through the teaching hospital, she was taught various Chinese techniques utilizing fire, as well as electro-stimulation to help treat pain and sleep disorders.

Jennifer has a passion for dermatological conditions as well as for natural beauty. She has obtained a Certificate of T.C.M Dermatologic Acupuncture as well as a Certificate of Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncture. She has provided her clients with concrete results through the use of her specialized techniques. Her techniques include the use of cosmetic acupuncture and T.C.M dermatologic acupuncture in conjunction with nutrition to aid in relieving chronic or acute digestive and mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and dermatologic conditions. She may also incorporate modalities such as fire cupping, guasha, and shiatsu into her treatments as seen fit. Patients can expect to experience consistent results including feelings of relaxation and relief after treatments with Jennifer.

Kim Nguyen

Acupuncture (Clinical), Acupuncture (Prenatal)

Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac)

Kim graduated from Humber College with clinical placements in several inter-professional clinical settings. She has also been providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS in downtown Toronto. Kim has a deep understanding of evidence-based practice of TCM through scientific research and practical application. She is dedicated to helping patients to enhance the quality of life, sense of harmony, happiness, and comfort using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the summer Kim loves tending to plants in her garden. She also likes a game of badminton whenever she can get one in!

Mashal (Michelle) Akramy


Registered Physiotherapist (PT)

Michelle has a passion for improving the lives of her patients. With a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and valuable experience gained from working in various hospitals and clinics both locally and abroad, including in the UK, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every session. Michelle ensures she stays up to date with the latest research and techniques in physiotherapy. She is committed to providing personalized care that empowers individuals on their journey to optimal health and mobility. Beyond her professional endeavors, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures all around the world!

Matheus Dasilva

*NEW* Fascia Stretch Therapy™ [Stretch Therapist]

Fascial Stretch Therapist & Clinic Manager

Matt is a fourth year Kinesiology Student at York University and expects to graduate this Spring 2024! After having worked in our space since day one, Matt became eager to learn more about therapeutic work and went on to complete the Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Course™ and Level I & II Thai Massage Courses. His treatment style is a blend of stretching techniques from both FST and Thai Massage. He loves adding breath work, Jacobson techniques and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to further relax muscles during the session. Matt’s focus is to provide a space for individuals to decompress and destress all while facilitating the session and doing most of the work! Every treatment is different and catered to the needs of the client. Treatment’s with Matt could be covered under Lifestyle Spending Accounts for most insurance plans.

Born in Brazil and raised in Toronto, when not working or studying, Matt can either be found spending time with family, friends and neighbors hosting BBQs and playing tabletop games or taking a bit of time for himself to practice meditation and self-regulating techniques. Matt’s goal is to one day become a physiotherapist.

Matt is fluent in English & Portuguese

Rosa Mendonca

Chiropractic Care

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C)

Meet Dr. Rosa Mendonca: a compassionate chiropractor dedicated to guiding her patients towards optimal health and well-being. With a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Northeast College of Health Sciences (NYCC) and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Western University, Dr. Rosa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the City Wellness team.

Dr. Rosa enjoys helping people of all ages reap the benefits of chiropractic care, aiming to improve their quality of life. She commonly treats individuals with sports injuries, disc herniations, repetitive/overuse strains, headaches, neck pain, and general stress/tension.

Driven by her commitment to patient empowerment, Dr. Rosa crafts personalized treatment plans using evidence-based care and a variety of techniques, including chiropractic manipulation, mobilization techniques, and active release techniques (ART). She also utilizes the Webster technique to support expectant mothers throughout their journey to motherhood. In addition, she incorporates therapeutic cupping, therapeutic taping, exercise rehabilitation, among other treatment options, to complement her approach to care. 

In her free time, Dr. Rosa enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, exploring new places, trying out local restaurants, and staying active through activities like running, hiking, and going to the gym. Whether you’re an athlete, expectant mother, managing complex health issues, or simply aiming to improve your well-being, Dr. Rosa is dedicated to guiding you to optimal health at City Wellness.

Samuel Pham

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage (Cupping), Massage (Prenatal), Massage (Swedish), Massage (Thai)

Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T)

Samuel received his bachelors of Kinesiology (2020) at the University of Toronto and recently graduated from Sutherland-Chan (2022) with a diploma in Massage Therapy. Fueled by his passion in sports, Samuel takes into account your lifestyle & needs, and focuses on quality of movement when designing his treatment plan for you. Having experienced many injuries himself, he understands the set-backs and potential progress lost that many of us can relate to in our own pursuit of our health and fitness goals. But from those experiences, he has cultivated a good understanding of the amount of patience and practice it takes to make an optimal recovery.

Samuel believes in developing a self-care routine is essential to recover from pain and strives to help develop one for you that is realistic and attainable. He has experience working with patients from the athletic population, stroke-patients, and with seniors. Samuel has learned a variety of techniques, which includes: Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, deep tissue work and more.

Sarah Galati

Massage (Cupping), Massage (Swedish)

Sarah attended York University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Arts in History. She completed post graduate studies at The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy.

Some of Sarah’s treatment passions and conditions she can assist with are sports therapy, migraines, chronic neck and back pain, postural dysfunctions, and improving overall mental health. Her treatment approach focuses on implementing varying massage techniques and modalities such as cupping, gua sha and kinesiology taping. 

Throughout her life, Sarah has participated in multiple sports, including rugby, hockey, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As a lifelong athlete, Sarah understands the importance of feeling your best and the impact nagging aches and pains can have. Sarah is committed to assisting all of her clients in feeling and performing at their best and believes that working collaboratively with clients is the key to a successful treatment plan.

Seung Yae (Sine) Hwang

Massage (COUPLES Thai), Massage (Prenatal), Massage (Thai + Reflexology), Massage (Thai)

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Seung Yae’s interest in body work started over a decade ago when she was lying on the floor after yoga class. The teacher gently applied touch on student’s shoulder and neck and she immediately felt relaxed with sense of well being. Passion for intentional touches was deepened when she pursued Thai massage training. Through the year of 2017 and 2018, she completed advanced Thai massage training in Toronto as well as in Thailand. She’s been practicing Thai massage ever since.

After 3 years of practicing Thai massage, Seung Yae felt something missing in her practice. Most of her clients felt so well after a massage but she wanted to work on more specific issues, not only general relaxation. In 2019 she enrolled to Kikkawa College and completed her RMT training. This deepened her understanding of massage in general and positive benefits from soft tissue manipulation for healing purposes. Seung Yae is willing to serve clients with her knowledge, experience and care.

Currently at City Wellness she offers Thai massage and Reflexology to those needing relaxation or a boost in energy levels.

Sophie Fu


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