In accordance to our regulatory bodies and the government of Ontario, essential services such as those provided at our clinic may resume throughout this pandemic.

And our Covid-19 policy goes like this ...

*** Latest Update ***
The Government of Ontario has recently updated their mask policy:


As of March 9th, 2022, masks will no longer be required in public spaces, except for public transit, health care settings, long-term care homes and congregate care settings. Since our clinic is a health care setting, masks must be kept on inside the clinic until April 27th, 2022 when the remainder of the COVID-19 requirements are expected to be lifted. If the mask mandates are lifted on April 27 as anticipated, patients and practitioners may choose to continue wearing a mask. Practitioners will always wear a mask if requested by the patient once the mask mandate is lifted.


We're almost there!

What to expect with every appointment



Prior to visit, a Covid-19 questionnaire is sent out by email to all clients. The questionnaire screens for Covid-19 related symptoms as well as possible exposure to Covid-19. No one will be allowed to enter the premise before submitting this questionnaire. Anyone who gets flagged during this questionnaire may be denied entry or asked to provide a negative Covid-19 test result.


Returning clients are encouraged to wait outside the clinic in the lower level lobby until designated appointment time. New clients may arrive 10 minutes before appointment to ensure all paperwork has been completed prior to their first session. If needed, chairs are available in the waiting area. Chairs are spaced apart and sanitized with every use. Patients are asked to come to their appointments alone unless absolutely necessary to minimize exposure to other clients. 

Client PPE

When entering the clinic, all clients must wear a mask or face covering. Clients with a medical condition that may worsen with the use of a mask are exempted. Medical grade masks are available upon arrival.

Client Hand Hygiene

All clients must sanitize their hands at arrival, either with an alcohol-based disinfectant or hand soap and water. Both of these options are available at the clinic entrance. 

Surface Cleaning 

All items touched during a treatment session are disinfected thoroughly before and after. This includes treatment tables, mats, pillows, chairs, modality tools, exercise equipment, door handles etc. Pillows and Thai mats now have vinyl coverings as recommended by health guidelines for efficient disinfecting.  

Therapist PPE

The therapist will be wearing a mask during the session and will be practicing proper hand hygiene throughout the day between each and every client.    


All treatment sessions are 1-on-1 with the client to limit possible exposure. The therapist will not be seeing multiple clients at once nor will any other staff assist the session. Sufficient time will be allocated between each client to properly sanitize the treatment areas.  The number of clients and staff at the clinic have also been limited. Therapists each have their designated private treatment space that is assigned to them with each and every shift to limit contaminated surfaces.  


During check-out a plexi-glass barrier has been placed at the reception desk to protect both the receptionist and the client.  Only contactless payments are accepted at this time. Clients are asked to sanitize their hands again and leave immediately following their appointment. 


Last updated on March 21st, 2022 

Vaccination Policy


The recent government updates have not affected our vaccination policy. All staff are tripled VAXXED and any mandatory vaccination policy still does not apply to medical settings therefore, we do not ask proof of vaccination to anyone entering the premise (but we certainly do encourage you to get vaccinated!). 

Unprecedented times (A.K.A times are weird right now)
The situation is rapidly evolving


And as Covid-19 rules in Ontario get updated on the daily so will our team !

We stay on top of our game and will modify our policy immediately if any new changes are to occur.

 If you have any more questions about our policy, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer. 

Until then, stay safe everyone :)