Regulated, highly qualified, and experienced, Alpana is trained and experienced in all areas specifically related to therapeutic ethics, techniques, and practices. Their approach is grounded in an empathic, non-judgmental and compassionate listening with an assortment of therapeutic skills and trainings to ensure they can provide both evidence-based and ethical best practices. Their goal is to help you overcome feeling stuck, sad, or anxious due to various circumstances that may arise in your life. With over 15 years of therapeutic practice experience, they are specialized in treating a range of mental health issues with various treatment processes. They are dedicated to practicing through a trauma-informed practice lens to support you understanding the root causes of your thoughts, feelings and reactions. They will work towards actively reducing your unwanted symptoms and continue with you until sessions naturally reduce as you feel increased mastery, knowledge and support towards pursuing your next steps. They will also work with you on situational life transitions and any associated trauma, pain, stress and potential issues around self-worth that might arise throughout your journey. To address each concern, they cover a collection of therapeutic modalities/approaches, such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, MBCT, ACT, attachment-based, emotional-focused therapy, family systems, interpersonal, and integrative therapy, to name a few. During our intake process, we will inform you before your first session if they cannot offer your therapeutic modalities/approaches of choice due to treatment limitations. Some common concerns individuals seek psychotherapy for are: anxiety, depression, trauma-related, self-esteem, relationship issues, sleep difficulties, indecision, trauma, panic attacks, behavioral change, workplace issues, grief/loss, identity challenges, family relationship issues, and work related stress and/or general stress. Below you will find areas clients have been successfully treated during the past year. Your situation is unique and might not represented on this list. Please do not hesitate to contact our intake department to see if we can meet your therapeutic needs.


Complex PTSD
Coping Skills
Emotional Disturbance
Relational issues
Life Transitions
Women's Issues
Racial Identity
Domestic abuse
Unresolved Trauma
Family/ Conflict

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