Registered Massage Therapist manipulate the client's soft tissues to promote relaxation, reduce stress. improve mobility, eliminate pain and reduce overall body tension.

The clinic offers two prenatal massage styles: Swedish and Thai.

Swedish are your typical massages. Therapists apply oil to perform techniques while client's lie inside a set of sheets on a massage table. For these sessions we offer a pregnancy cushion that allows women to lay comfortably facing down during the treatment. Women can use the cushion up until full term!

Thai Massages are a little different than your regular massage. These massages take place on a traditional floor mat. with clients fully dressed in loose Thai attire. The sessions are held in a semi-private area and the therapist applies dry massage techniques while placing the client in various deep stretching positions throughout the session. This type of massage is often labeled as "yoga for lazy people". It's great for prenatal up until full term as well!

Both type of sessions are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and covered by private insurance plans.

Techniques and applied pressure vary depending on the clients needs. Some of the most common techniques include: Swedish, deep tissue, active releases, trigger points and myofascial techniques.

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